On behalf of the command team, good evening. We continue operating in the virtual environment. As a reminder, any out of state training as a CAP member conducted virtually or in person requires Wing CC approval. Please remind your members to submit their requests through the chain of command. Also, I recently had the opportunity to visit FL-044 SRQ for their promotions and awards. We continue to see innovation by our units in their approach to training and member involvement. I look forward to visiting additional units across the wing.


 Please join me in congratulating the following members

  •  C/Lt Col Elizabeth Quinlan FL-425 on earning the General Ira C. Eaker Award
  • C/Capt Olivia Julian Jenkins FL-243 on earning the Amelia Earhart Award
  • C/Captain Ryleigh N Pezdek FL-051 on earning the Amelia Earhart Award

Level III 

  • Maj Manuel Otero
  • Capt Alfio Ferrea
  • Capt David Taylor
  • 1st Lt Michael James
  • 1st Lt Pedro Jimenez
  • 1st Lt Kevin Rought
  • 1st Lt Ayrton Ingle
  • 1st Lt Lawrence LeDuc
  • 1st Lt Kevin Rausch

Level IV

  • Maj James Sullivan
  • Capt Andrew Alloco

Re-mobilization of the Membership 

 As of 20 July, the FLWG continues in Phase 0. We have submitted our Phase I plan to NHQ for an initial review. This will allow us to move forward once conditions allow for Phase I operations. 

SER/FLWG Conference 

The 2020 FLWG/SER Conference Committee has been working diligently over the past year to develop a valuable and interactive conference for both senior members and cadets. However, due to COVID-19 we have had to postpone on two occasions (May and July). Thank you to the FLWG members for participating in the recent Conference Survey. The results were fantastic, and it shows that our members are craving in-person training/activities.

The 2020 FLWG/SER Conference is currently scheduled for Thursday, October 8, 2020, until Saturday, October 10, 2020, at the Tampa Marriott, Water Street, in beautiful downtown Tampa, Florida.

Maj Daia Jung has had several discussions with Marriott, to include but not limited to, the Director of Security and the Director of Housekeeping, to discuss their sanitation protocols with the hotel’s common space, meeting space, and individual hotel rooms. Please be assured that the team, the hotel, and CAP are taking the utmost care to ensure the safety and welfare of our members.

In the next week, the Conference Team will finalize the pre-conference and conference course curriculum, post the conference registration, and open hotel reservations. Make sure that you are checking the Florida Wing website for additional details and how to register.

Aerospace Education

 Lt Col Hinck has published the FLWG AE Newsletter “Tail Section”. This publication is an outreach to the AEOs across the wing. The goal is to provide resources for our Aerospace Education community. Lt Col Hinck is working on an AE challenge for our members. Please be on the lookout for further updates from AE. 

Operations/Communications/Health Services

 We are continuing virtual ES training. We had a number of members attending the recent ICS 400 training offered by the Southeast Region. Secondly, the A3 staff is working on a virtual Incident Management Team training. Lastly, the A3 staff is continuing to coordinate the Phase 0 Mission Essential Flight Operations. Lt Col Schaefer and his team are continuing to work with Group OPS/ES Officers on the current flight evaluations and crew proficiency IAW the FLWG memo published in early July. 

Please remember safety during these summer months. With the current heat, please remember to stay hydrated and protect against sunburns while outside along with your COVID precautions. 

Thank you for your continued service and professionalism during these times.

Col Luis Garcia, CAP
Florida Wing Commander

Florida CAP noted for natural disasters, SAR

When hurricanes bear down on the Gulf Coast, Florida Wing members are often among the first called to help. During Hurricane Donna in 1960, wing members provided emergency and communication capabilities, flew with the U.S. Coast Guard to survey damage and transported typhoid vaccine. When Hurricane Camille hit nine years later, wing members worked with Civil Defense to establish ground radio networks throughout the Gulf Coast region.

In the 1990s, Florida Wing members sprang into action again for hurricanes Andrew, Opal and Floyd, transporting people and equipment, monitoring evacuation routes and providing aerial damage assessments. Cadets played key roles in setting up and staffing shelters.

Florida Wing cadets also showed their skill by becoming the first Civil Air Patrol team to win the Commander-in-Chief Cup in the All Services Division of the Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot III, the nation’s largest high school cyber defense competition. CAP members played an early role in helping determine the impact of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, providing more than 28,000 aerial photos to state officials.

The wing’s sundown patrol mission also helped stranded boaters and rescued people from aircraft that plunged into Florida’s waters. In 1995, members helped rescue 11 people in two separate incidents involving boats either lost or sinking in the Gulf of Mexico.

United States Air Force Aux.