Good evening, As a follow up to our conference call two weeks ago, FLWG is continuing to complete actions to move towards Phase I.  We are still pending unit checklists to move forward into Phase 1.  We currently have 42 out of 70 checklists.  I ask your help in this area so we can move into our next phase of unit operations. Additionally, the FLWG Remob will be scheduling calls with units to assist in finalizing checklists. Lastly,  please remember to continue on your annual inventories for your logistics and communications equipment. 

Here are our latest updates


Please join me in congratulating the following members on their hard work and performance. 


C/Capt Issac Sunderman FL-152
C/Capt Cameron Calloway FL-116


Level III

1st Lt Vicent Boyer FL-171
2Lt Alan Chancey FL-051
Capt Edson Franca FL-337
Capt Ronalee Klase FL-066
Capt Nicholas Marcantonio FL-383
Capt Jason Mathews FL-173
Capt Todd Sullivan FL-044


Level IV

Capt Sybrian Castleman FL-001
Maj Jimmy Chism FL-066
Maj William Diaz FL-424


FLWG Group Structure Working 

The job announcement for the FLWG Group Structure Working Group will be posted on 15 October.  Members who are interested should apply according to the announcement.  As a reminder, this working group will conduct an in depth review of the current group structure and provide recommendations as to the future structure of the wing.  The working group will be chartered in November for a period of six months to develop recommendations to the wing leadership.

Operations/Communications/Health Services

NHQ has published updated guidance on current and new pilots via a CAP/CC Commander dated 29 September 2020.  The memo can be accessed at: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/media/cms/29_September_CAP_CC_Memo__Extension_3CF4BD4B0C0F9.pdf.  Additionally due to COVID-19 restrictions, aircraft and ES qualifications have been extended through the end of the year.  The extension has made it possible that pilots can go as much as 20 months without a Form 5 evaluation.  Due to the length of time, risk assessment changes have been implemented to ensure risks are elevated to the appropriate level.  These changes will cause many sorties to be elevated to the SFRO level for approval.  Please ensure that your aircrews and operations personnel are familiar with the change.  If you have any questions, please reach out to the Wing A3 staff.

Thank you for your service and continued excellence

Col Luis Garcia, CAP

United States Air Force Aux.