On behalf of the command team, good afternoon.  With the work of the FLWG Remobilization and improving conditions, we are finalizing the plan to move the wing into Phase I. There are actions that are due at the squadron level for the wing to move forward with the plan and gain NHQ approval.  Also, we have seen a busy storm season. A number of our members were affected by the recent landfall of Hurricane Salley. Although not as damaging as prior storms, we need to keep our vigilance throughout the season.  Lastly, FLWG recently saw the loss of two long time members.  Lt Col William “Guy” Herlihy from the Group 6/7 area and 1st Lt William “Bill” Conley from the Group 1 area.  I ask that you keep their friends and families in your thoughts.  

Here are the latest updates across the wing


Please join me in congratulating the following members on their hard work and performance. 

C/Lt Col Danielle Delgado FL-459 on earning the General Ira C. Eaker Award
C/Capt Brady Gannon -FL-021  on earning the Amelia Earhart Award

Level III

1st Lt Christian Dominguez – FL-010
1st Lt James Harcharik – FL-044
Capt Patrick Healy – FL173
Capt Yvonne Nelson – FL-066
Capt Esley Ottesen – FL-425
Capt Michael Simon – FL-001

Level IV

1st Lt Gregory Becker – FL-128
Capt Thomas McMahon – FL078
Capt Peter Donofrio – FL-021
Maj MIchele-Juanita Ricketts – FL-001
Capt Catherine Scantlan – FL-001
Capt Scott Spangler – FL-361
Capt Earl Webb – FL-024
Capt Josh Wolinksy – FL-319

Level V

Maj Susan Barnett – FL-011
Lt Col Grace Stapf Gorevin – FL-001
Maj Joseph Highman – FL-001
Maj Mia Ottesen – FL -425
Maj Josh Risler – FL-054
Lt Col Yvonne Rodriguez – FL-001
Lt Col Larry Rogers – FL-021

Diversity Council

The FLWG has stood up the Wing Diversity Council chaired by CMSgt Jung with membership from the Wing Diversity Officer, Chaplain, Cadet Programs, Recruiting/Retention,  CAC, and  Public Affairs. The team is working on objectives and upcoming Heritage Month Observances.  

FLWG Group Structure Working 

Col Bedgood, Florida Wing Command Advisory Group member, will be chairing the FLWG Group Structure Working Group. This working group will conduct an in depth review of the current group structure and provide recommendations as the future structure of the wing.  The committee will analyze impacts to membership, diversity/inclusion, finance, logistics, operations, and asset allocation.  The working group will be chaired by Col Bedgood, Florida Wing Command Advisory Group member. The working group will be chartered in October for a period of six months to develop recommendations to the wing leadership. The application process will be posted in the next week. 

 Re-mobilization of the Membership 

As of 20 September, the FLWG continues in Phase 0. All operations are still in the mission based conditions published in July.  Based on conditions across the State of Florida, we have submitted our Phase I plan to NHQ for an initial review.  . As part of the plan, all units are required to complete their checklist and submit them via their Group Commander.  As of today, we have two groups that are complete. . Additionally, there will be a mandatory MS Teams meeting for all commanders on 3 October.  The FLWG Chief of Staff will be sending out details over the next week. 

 FLWG Winter Encampment/FLESA/Cyber Activity

The team continues planning for the events scheduled Camp Blanding starting 26 December.  All three events are contingent on the wing and surrounding states continuing to improve in conditions.  The team has posted announcements for all three activities on the FLWG webpage and social media sites. 

Operations/Communications/Health Services

We are continuing virtual ES training and supporting our ongoing missions.  I ask that members participating in our mission continue to exercise Phase 0 COVID measure.. Secondly as September 30th, the waivers for Form 5 / 91 and other pilot qualifications will expire. Secondly, we are ending the fiscal year and any open missions will be closed toward the end of week.  Lastly, the FLWG DOV will be sending out information to Check Pilots and Mission Check PIlots on the FLWG Check Pilot Standardization Course for early 2021.  

I want to thank you and your members for your continued professionalism and excellence in support of our missions and organization. 


 Col Luis Garcia, CAP

United States Air Force Aux.