Florida Wing has moved into COVID Phase III.  With this status change the wing can resume larger events and overnight events.  I have attached the guidance letters for units and parents for our Phase III posture.  The CAP/CC memorandum on vaccinations can be found in the FLWG COVID Center on the FLWG website. 

Upcoming Events
FLWG Conference – Maj Jung and her team have been diligently working on this year’s conference. The Florida Wing Conference scheduled for 24-26 July.  This will be our first large scale event in over 15 months.   At this time, we are 15 days away from the hotel reservation cut-off (6-21-21).  Please make sure to register and make your reservations.   Conference ticket sales will continue until 07-08-21.   

FLWG Commander’s Call – MS Team – we will look to hold a commanders call on June 26th. 

Cadet Programs
The Florida Wing Summer Encampment is around the corner.  Maj Linares and Capt Ortman have been working hard to ensure we have a safe and enjoyable encampment for this summer.   

 Also, we’ve had some cadets recently test for the Spaatz test and we are awaiting the results. 

Summer Readiness
As of June 1st, Hurricane Season has begun.  Please continue your readiness preparations for hurricane season. 

Operations Training Plan
Groups will be consolidating plans for the submission to the Wing.  We need to have our annual plan submitted to the Region by 15 July 2021.  Please contact the Wing A3 team with further questions. 

Squadron Changes of Command
Please join me in congratulating our squadron commanders that have taken command over the last 90 days. 

  • Lt Col Art Giles – FL-116
  • Lt Col Joseph Wisnieski – FL-049
  • 1st Lt Jerry Wusterhausen FL-054
  • Maj Michael Adamus FL-434
  • 1st Lt Don Briscoe – FL-457


As CAP continues to operate in the COVID environment, the organization has seen the overall membership drop 15.31%.  NHQ is expecting to see a continued drop in membership until normal activities can take place to entice new members to join.  FLWG has seen an overall drop of 20%. Our cadet program has seen the biggest impact to the loss of membership. However, national retention rates continue to be stable.   We have some units that have been able to keep their members renewing.  Please look at opportunities under Phase 3 to engage in recruiting. 


As we look at opportunities for fundraising, grants, etc., I recommend all commanders become familiar with CAP Field Fundraising website. There are numerous resources for fundraising for units.



Level IV

  • Maj Karl Ahrens 
  • Lt Col Marcos Rodriguez


Please remember that our Job #1 is to safeguard the well-being our members. As we safeguard our CAP family, our Job #2 is performing our assigned missions safely.  We appreciate everything you do.   


Col Luis Garcia, CAP

Florida Wing Commander
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary


United States Air Force Aux.