Good morning.  As 2020 has moved into the rear view mirror and we begin 2021, the command team wanted to provide latest updates in key areas and recognize a number of members across the wing.  Our current Phase 1 posture continues as previously authorized. NHQ has paused any changes in phase posture until 15 Jan 2021.  Our FLWG Remob Team continues to monitor cases in Florida and will update our posture IAW current guidance.  

Upcoming Events;

Wing Commanders Call – conducted via MS Teams – Feb 6th – further information to be published by Chief of Staff. 

Cadet Programs:

As per the guidance provided by Cadet Programs in December, the FLWG will be conducting a virtual Special Activities Selection Board Virtually. Maj Linares and the Cadet Programs team will be sending out additional information to the members who registered in December. We look forward to maximum participation in our first ever virtual SASB.  

Wreaths Across America

We would like to thank the units that participated in the Wreaths Across America in December.  FL-024, FL-447, FL-466, and FL-267.   Additionally,  FL-466 was recognized as one of the units that sold the most wreaths nationally.   Great job by all the units that participated. 

Flight Operations

As of December 29th, we had over 50 Flight Evaluations pending for our current qualified members. As per earlier updates and guidance, NHQ has provided funding to provide recurrency for our pilots and onboarding opportunities. As of 31 December, NHQ ended waivers for CAPF 70-5 and CAPF 70-91 evaluations.  Please ensure that your members are working though the Squadron and Group chain of command in coordination with the Wing A3 staff on this opportunity.   Also, please keep aircrew members engaged in unit operations along flight operations. 

Squadron Changes of Command:

Please join me in congratulating our newly appointed squadron commanders

Lt Col Don Hamblen – FL-424
Lt Col Stephen Hunter – FL-122
Lt Col Anthony Mollison – FL-458
2nd Lt David Schaare – FL-373


All thanks for getting the inventories, real property surveys, and communications inventory completed.   As an outcome of the inventory, we have a number of Report of Surveys pending. The Wing A4 will be looking for volunteers to be appointed as ROS investigations. If you have personnel that are interested, please coordinate through the chain of command. 


As CAP continues to operate in the COVID environment, the organization has seen the overall membership drop 15.31%.  NHQ is expecting to see a continued drop in membership until normal activities can take place to entice new members to join.  FLWG has seen an overall drop of 20%. Our cadet program has seen the biggest impact to the loss of membership. However, national retention rates continue to be stable.   We have some units that have been able to keep their members renewing.  Please look at opportunities under Phase 1 to keep your members engaged. 



Capt Richard Bradley FL-424 – promotion to Major 

Level IV

Lt Col Nicholas F J Wyborski – FL-116 

Level III 

Capt Richard Thimble – FL-376  
Capt Mark Senda – FL-376

I look forward to new opportunities in 2021.   To echo Maj Gen Smith, our Job #1 is safeguarding the well being our members. As we safeguard our CAP family, our Job #2 is performing our assigned missions safely.  We appreciate everything you do.   


Col Luis Garcia, CAP

Florida Wing Commander
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary


United States Air Force Aux.