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Why Join and Support Civil Air Patrol

CAP is a volunteer organization. It is a private, nonprofit 501(c) (3) corporation and by Congressional charter is the official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force.

The eight CAP geographical regions are composed of 52 wings (one for each state, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia). Wings are divided into groups, squadrons, and flights and currently total approximately 1,700 units and more than 63,000 members.

The Air Force assigns liaison staff  to the CAP regions and wings to advise and support. CAP corporation and members own and operate more than 5,000 light aircraft, the world’s largest civilian fleet, and volunteers fly about 130,000 hours each year on CAP missions.

National Headquarters is located at Maxwell AFB, Alabama, and there a corporate staff supports the membership in aerospace education, cadet programs, emergency services, finance, human resources and marketing.


Would you like to honor and serve America? Do you want to prepare for your future while making new friends? Then rise to the challenge of cadet membership in the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol.

The CAP Cadet Program is a year-round program where Cadets fly, learn to lead, hike, camp, get in shape, and push themselves to new limits. If you’re dreaming about a career in aviation, space, or the military, CAP’s Cadet Program is for you.


Though Civil Air Patrol is known for its flying missions, CAP adults members, known as Senior Members, do so much more than just fly. In fact less than a fifth of all CAP members are pilots or aircrew members. CAP adult members come from all walks of life.

Some are doctors, nurses, paramedics, or other medical professionals. Others are lawyers, paralegals, accountants, computer programmers, and other business professionals and executives. Really just about any career or background can be useful to and found in the ranks of the CAP adult membership. CAP supports a variety of missions that require adults from all walks of life.

CAP needs adults for its aerospace education program. In addition to educating our own members, CAP’s adult leaders provide training and resources to teachers who reach out to students of all ages across the country. Aviation and aerospace impacts the lives of Americans every day, and CAP works to ensure that citizens know how valuable aviation and aerospace is in our world.


Step 1

Find a local CAP Cadet or Composite Squadron

Step 2
Contact the squadron and arrange to visit a meeting. Cadets will need a parent to accompany them prior to joining.

Step 3
Attend at least three weekly meetings.

Step 4
Complete the Membership Application and pay annual dues.

Youth – The local CAP squadron will give you a membership application or provide you with the information on how to apply online.

Adults – Complete the Membership Application and FD 258 Fingerprint Card (available at your squadron).

Annual membership dues vary by state.

Click here for the membership dues table.

Step 5
Submit your application through one of the following ways:


Youth – Ask your squadron commander if you are eligible to apply online. Only new cadets can join online. Former members have to submit a paper application.

When you join online, your form of payment is charged immediately. However, the membership is in a pending status until the squadron commander verifies the prospective cadet’s proof of identity.

Adults – Submit your application, fingerprint card and dues through one of the following ways:

Checks (made payable to Civil Air Patrol) or money orders are accepted for dues payment.

If paying by credit card, include the information listed below to process the application. The required information includes:

  • Type of Card – Visa, MasterCard or Discover
  • Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • 3 Digit Security Code on the Back of the Card
  • Name on Card

Mail your completed application, fingerprint card and dues payment to:

Civil Air Patrol/DP

105 S. Hansell St. Bldg 714

Maxwell AFB, AL 36112

Once the proof of identity has been confirmed, the commander can approve the application and the cadet will be an active member. For a list of acceptable documents used for the proof of identity, please see Attachment 2 in CAP Regulation 39-2 CAP Membership.


United States Air Force Aux.