Winter Encampment




Cadet Commander:



The academy will focus on providing cadets with a better knowledge of Windows and Linux operating Systems, networking, cybersecurity defense techniques, and leadership. We will also explore the different career opportunities and the future demand in the cyber fields. The course consist of learning
through classroom instruction and practical application. There will also be a mix of outdoor activities.

Excerpts from the operations order are shown below to help members register, pay, and get the most frequently asked-for information. Read the operations order posted on the menu to the right for detailed information.


All attendeeds must be members in good standing and possess a current CAP identification card with an expiration of 05 Jan 2021 or later.

To be eligible to attend as a student, cadets must completed an encampment prior to arrival. The class is limited to 24 students on a first-come-first-served basis.

Cadet staff applicants must have earned the Wright Brothers Award (C/SSgt) and have it posted to eServices prior to application submission. Operational Risk Management Basic and Intermediate Courses and Cadet Protection Policy Training (if you are 18 or older) are required prior to applying.

Senior member staff applicants must have completed Level 1, Operational Risk Management Basic and Intermediate Courses are rquired prior to applying and the Cadet Protection Policy Training Basic and Advanced courses are required prior to attending. Members will also have a CAP drivers license. See the operations order for exceptions.


Fee Schedule

Cadet students:

  • Early registration is $195.00 from 15 Jun to 31 Jul
  • Regular registration is $210.00 from 01 Aug to 14 Nov
  • Late registration is $220.00 from 15 Nov to 30 Nov
  • Advanced training squadron registration is $125.00 from 15 Jun to 30 Nov

Cadet cadre registration is $80.00

Senior member registration is $80.00

Cadet Encampment Assistance Program

Thanks to Air Force support, CAP has special funding available this year to cover encampment fees, uniforms, and other costs associated with our encampment program, with an emphasis on serving economically disadvantaged cadets. This application can be accessed via the “Cadet Programs” module on eServices. Please see the National CEAP page for more information, including detailed application instructions. Please note the FLWG staff has no access to a cadet’s application nor are we able to check the status of an application.

Student Early Arrival Fee

First time cadets arriving at encampment prior to the designated arrival time for first time cadets are subject to the early arrival fee of $50.00. This fee covers the additional food and logistics costs associated with the extra days at encampment that are not covered in the regular encampment rate for basic cadets. Cadet students are highly encouraged to not arrive early.

Payment Methods

Florida Wing policy dictates that activity payments shall only be made online via PayPal, money order, or Wing Banker transfer. PayPal is the preferred method. See the operations order for money order instructions. If you’re registering as a student, payment will be part of the registration process. If you’re applying for a staff position, do not pay until you’ve been confirmed as staff.

Refund Policy

All refunds must be requested via the refund request form on the Cadet Programs website. Refunds requested prior to the refund request deadline will be honored in full. Any request for refund after this date will be processed within 45 days following the conclusion of encampment and is based upon the final encampment costs. Refunds will be given on a first come first served basis determined from date of the online refund request form (again, requests received prior to the refund request deadline will be honored). Because of the commitment of funds, the cause of refund request will not affect the processing order (i.e. illness, lack of transportation, etc.). Regardless of source of payment (member, unit, scholarship, grant, etc.) the refund policy for encampment remains the same.

Failure to Pay

Any member failing to provide fee payment by the deadline may forfeit their encampment slot. Extensions to the payment deadline may be granted by the encampment commander for extenuating circumstances. These requests must be sent directly to the encampment commander for approval.

Any member with outstanding fees will be prohibited from attending any other wing, region, or national activity until payment is made. Additionally, administrative action may be taken against the member.


  • Fill out every single field of the online application.
  • Failure to fill everything out will cause your application to not be accepted. Have your scanned and completed documents ready prior to doing the online application.
  • Remember that you will receive a registration confirmation from Florida Wing in addition to a PayPal receipt. You must have both to be considered fully registered.

Cadet Student Registration and Payment: Cadets applying for their first encampment, cadets applying to attend encampment a second time as an in-flight cadet, or cadets who’ve previously completed an encampment but do not meet the requirements for staff must apply under this category.




Cadet Cadre: Cadets applying for staff must apply under this category. Do NOT submit the activity fee payment until notified of staff selection.




Senior Member Staff: Senior Members applying for staff must apply under this category. Do NOT submit the activity fee payment until notified of staff selection.




Staff Payment: For use only by those who have been contacted and confirmed for a staff position



01 Jun 2020: Command staff applications due (Deputy Commander ENC/CD, Commandant of Cadets ENC/CW)
01 Aug 2020: All other cadet cadre applications due
01 Oct 2020: All senior staff applications due.
15 Nov 2020: Student registration (first time and Advanced Training Squadron) closes
04 Dec 2020: Refund requests due. See Refund Policy section.
10 Dec 2020: Last day for automatic refunds. See Refund Policy section.


All encampment participants will experience long, demanding, and very active days. Cadets can expect to be active about 16 hours a day. To be successful at encampment, prior preparation is critical. Arrive at encampment with the correct equipment, well rested, and hydrated.

Proper hydration will help prevent many common encampment injuries and serve to keep you healthy during a demanding week. Cadets should study available encampment materials prior to encampment so that the information is fresh and does not result in cramming.


Transportation to and from the activity is not the responsibility of CAP.

Encampment Express

There will not be an Encampment Express bus to Camp Blanding Joint Training Center this year.

Airport Shuttle

All flight arrangements need to be made with the encampment staff prior to 10 Dec 2020. Arrivals – 28 Dec 2020. Limited airport shuttle will be available for cadets that register.

Arrival flights should be planned to Jacksonville International Airport (JAX), arriving prior to 1100.

Departures – 05 Jan 2021 Departure flights should be planned from Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) no earlier than 1700.

Corporate Vehicles

Senior members are encouraged to bring a CAP van to encampment. Vans shall be turned into the encampment transportation officer upon arrival, and shall arrive with a full tank of fuel.

Vans will be returned to the driver on the night prior to departure with a full tank of fuel. Fuel costs for travel to and from encampment will not be reimbursed.

Privately-Owned Vehicles

Cadets who drive to encampment must turn in their vehicle keys upon arrival.


Carpooling is encouraged, but the encampment staff is unable to assist in this coordination. It’s recommended to ask within your squadrons first.


Cadet and Senior Member staff shall arrive between 1300 and 1500 Eastern time on 26 Dec 2020 for in-processing. Arrive at the 4600 Block buildings at CBJTC.

Cadet students shall arrive in uniform between 1200 and 1400 on 28 Dec 2020 and must eat lunch prior to arrival. Early or late arrivals must be coordinated with the encampment commander.


Visitors are not allowed or authorized at encampment without written permission (may be via e-mail) directly from the Encampment Commander. The encampment takes place on a military installation and due to Department of Defense security requirements and for the safety and security of all CAP personnel, unscheduled or uncoordinated visitation is prohibited. This restriction applies to family and friends of encampment participants, as well as CAP members not assigned to the encampment.


The graduation ceremony will commence at 1100 Eastern time on 05 Jan 2021 at the parade field. Guests are asked to not arrive until after 1000. Guests will be directed to the graduation parking area upon arrival.

Students will be dismissed after the graduation. ALL guests MUST register prior to arrival. Stay tuned for details on graduation guest registration.


For general questions regarding encampment registration, payments, logistics, etc please utilize the form to the right.

For more complicated questions please email, be sure to include your contact information and CAPID.

For general questions about encampment itself or information regarding the encampment requirement please speak to your squadron leadership.

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